A racial description of the Flutterpony, for use in RP.

Flutterponies can also be considered ‘faerie ponies’, in appearance and in societal function, it is pretty much how they conduct themselves.

Genetically they are somewhere between a Breezy and a Changeling (some would say that both these races are also faerie ponies, and for the purposes of this canon, we will consider them as such).

All flutterponies have butterfly-like wings. The variety and complexity in color in the wings typically denotes better or more noble genetic stock.  Duller wings usually indicates more common stock.  The color of ones wings can confer status upon a flutterpony in lands where flutterponies live, such as Tir na Epona.  Flutterponies, much like elves, tend towards the fair, beautiful and handsome in appearance.  It’s hard to find an ugly flutterpony.

They also have antennae, sometimes called deelie-boppers by other ponies.  These antennae are a natural bio-luminescent light source, and will glow a bit brighter than a freshly cracked glow stick.
It has been said that these also allow telepathy between other ‘faerie class’ ponies such as other flutters, breezies and changelings, but this has had no opportunity to be tested.

Flutterponies can fly, and have no practical limitations on how far up they can fly, or for how long, however their flight speed is about 1/2 the speed of a typical pegasus.   They can be faster or slower than this individually but its safe to say that no flutterpony could beat Rainbow Dash in a race, but they might be able to keep up with Fluttershy.

Flutterponies can use magic, and are typically as good as an average unicorn with magic.  Flutterponies are however magical generalists, meaning that most flutters can do alot of things with magic, but they don’t have particularly powerful magic.  Nearly every flutterpony would lose to Twilight Sparkle, or even Trixie, in a magic fight of pure power.   The exception to this magical power rule is when it comes to nature.  Flutterponies are typically druidic in their magic practice, being faerie based.  The average flutterpony can relate to animals at the same level as Fluttershy does, and are exceptional with using their environment as a magical instrument.  This advantage decreases markedly in cities and towns, which is one of the reasons they tend to stick to their forests.  Some flutterponies even take on some attributes of an animal that they relate to the most (Alynna Skittles, for example, is fox colored because she has an affinity for foxes).   In their element, a flutterpony can be a formidable force, outside of it, not so much.

Flutterponies’ weakest point is in their physical strength.  Flutterponies have good constitution however, and are not particularly frail when it comes to taking damage.  However their physical prowess is extremely weak.  The average flutterpony is weaker than Fluttershy physically.  They cannot buck trees for their apples and expect a result, they would have to fly up and pick the apples instead.   They can magically move larger objects with telekinesis magic like a unicorn, but even this is limited as compared to a unicorn.

There are flutterpony alicorns.  All of these are considered princes or princesses (or kings and queens) and they are pretty rare, but not entirely unique.   Like other faerie races, flutterponies age slowly, and it is said that if a flutterpony lives long enough, and accumulates enough knowledge and power, they may become a flutterpony alicorn.  (However such a process may be on the order of thousands of years.)   Or another alicorn (of any race) could grant such a transformation.   If this occurs, then they become stronger on all fronts, however their wings don’t change, which distinguishes flutterpony alicorns from regular alicorns.   They simply gain a unicorn horn.  This also doesn’t afford them any new abilities, since they already could do magic and could fly.

In Ponyfinder terms, these are the powerlevels for the average flutterpony, and a flutterpony alicorn:

STR:  6-9,9-13 — Weaker than nearly any other pony race (except maybe breezies, do they get like a 3 or something?)
CON: 8-15,15-19 — About average with unicorns and pegasi, weaker than earth ponies
DEX: 9-16,16-20 — About average with pegasi and earth ponies, better than unicorns
INT:  9-15,15-20 — About average with unicorns
WIS:  9-15,15-20 — About average with unicorns
CHA:  10-15,15-20 — Stronger than most pony races





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